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CEO Sam Hussain reflects on the care management platform's journey

In light of Log my Care's recent funding, CEO Sam Hussain reflects on the care management platform's journey, from its collaboration across the sector to reaching rigorous standards. 

Log my Care was designed to lighten the load for care providers. When my grandfather lived in a care home, I saw staff struggle to document the high-quality care they were delivering. I knew there had to be a better way, and as a lover of tech, I knew I wanted to help digitalise the sector. At the time, care management systems were clunky, complicated, and hard to use on the go. They were also a big investment for care services that didn't have funds to spare.  

I launched Log my Care in 2017 with the vision that person-centred technology should be available to everyone in social care. Even now, 30% of the sector is still entirely paper-based, which is time-consuming, doesn't give care providers the oversight they need, and leads to errors. 

Collaborating across the sector

We couldn't do what we do in a vacuum, and our partnerships ensure we're continuously improving our platform and building exactly what care providers want. 

Our relationships with care associations, standards bodies, and providers are a key part of our operation. By working together and incorporating their feedback, we’ve created a platform that truly meets the needs of care providers.  

At the start of 2023, we were recognised as a Quality Partner of the Professional Records Standards Body (PRSB) after achieving conformance against the About Me standard. This was another step in our mission to help providers deliver person-centred care. We wanted to ensure information like how the person being supported wants to be communicated with or how they take their medication is accessible at the press of a button.    

Since then, we've also achieved conformance against the PRSB's Personalised Care and Support Plan Standard. We're constantly seeking to improve the continuity of care, give health and care professionals access to up-to-date information, and improve the experience for the person receiving support. 

 We worked closely with the Digitising Social Care Programme to achieve the 12 standards for Catalogue Compliance, retaining our place as an Assured Supplier of Digital Social Care Records.

What standards mean for the person being supported

These standards better empower the person being supported to maintain any relevant health information about themselves, including:

• Relevant health conditions.

• Treatment preferences.

• Lifestyle.

• Goals and priorities.

They also improve coordination between health professionals, reduce repetitive questioning, and ensure everyone involved has access to the correct information, meaning:

• Care workers can provide personalised care that perfectly aligns with the needs and desires of every individual.

• Families and carers can stay in the loop and give their meaningful input to care plans.

• Care managers have access to comprehensive and up-to-date care plans to enable full oversight and coordination.

Recent funding and plans for the future

We're delighted to have raised an additional £3m in funding from Mercia Ventures. We'll use this to continue developing a platform that lightens the load for busy care providers. Our customer advisory board feeds into everything we do, and we have some exciting features in development.  

We've had many requests to build a rostering system that meets the complex scheduling needs of home care providers. Now we can accelerate rostering forward, and it's coming soon later this year. There's a gap in the market for a care management platform that does scheduling well, and we’ll develop something that makes care providers' lives easier. 

We'll also continue working closely with learning disability providers to create features that help provide seamless individual-led care, giving the people they support as much autonomy and independence as possible. 

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