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The Care Workers' Charity Congratulates New Labour Government and Calls for Immediate Action in Social Care

The Care Workers' Charity extends congratulations to Sir Keir Starmer and the newly elected Labour government. CEO Karolina Gerlich said: “We look forward to working collaboratively to ensure that social care remains a top priority in the administration's agenda. In the first 100 days, we urge the new Prime Minister to engage directly with social care leaders and, most importantly, with care workers. This will not only show that social care is a priority but also offer a platform for hearing firsthand the challenges and aspirations of the workforce. Care leaders are ready to engage with the new government to share their extensive knowledge and expertise. By presenting proven strategies and policy recommendations, we aim to collaborate on sustainable solutions to enhance the sector.

“Frontline care workers possess expert insights into workforce wellbeing, retention of new starters, the practical implications of care regulations, the responsible use of AI, and much more. We would be keen to work with the new government to form an advisory board comprised of care workers to provide insights and advice to the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC). This board will ensure that the perspectives and expertise of care workers are integral to policy-making processes.

“We welcome the fair pay agreement and call on the government to establish a clear timeline for its implementation. This agreement should encompass hourly rates, pay progression, sick pay, compensation for travel time, and mandatory training. Additionally, we request detailed information on the National Care Service. We have long campaigned for the establishment of a national professional body for care workers to foster a sense of belonging, set professional standards, and create a national training framework. Could this represent steps toward that goal? We know that care workers have the skills to deliver the proposed changes, but we seek plans that ensure care workers' wages will increase in line with any additional responsibilities in health care and monitoring.

“We urge the government to allocate long-term funding to local authorities for social care, specifically earmarked for care workers' wellbeing. This funding should be secured for at least the next five years to provide stability and sustained support for the workforce. We also call for the immediate release of the wellbeing survey results completed by thousands of care workers last year. Understanding the current state of mental health and well-being among care workers is vital for informing support measures.

“As the new government begins its journey, we are ready to collaborate and support efforts to enhance the social care sector. Addressing these immediate and long-term priorities will not only improve the lives of care workers but also ensure that those who rely on social care receive the highest quality of care and that unpaid carers receive the best support. Care workers have consistently demonstrated their dedication to their roles. It is now time for the government to match their commitment.”

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