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NCF Caring in COVID
The National Care Forum (NCF), the membership association for not-for-profit social care providers, has launched an eBook to highlight the efforts of caregivers and local communities throughout the COVD-19 pandemic.

‘Caring in COVID’ is a collection of stories about care, communities and leadership over the course of 2020. This piece of social history records and highlights the incredible response from NCF members, brought together as a collection of real-life stories in an eBook.

The compendium details how, during the COVID-19 pandemic and ensuing restrictions, NCF members and the communities they serve came together and rose to the challenge to support those who needed it most. Not only will the eBook become part of the British Library collection for future generations, it also acknowledges the legacy of 2020 and the role care providers played in the fight against COVID-19.

Vic Rayner, Executive Director of the National Care Forum, said: “Through the collection of Caring Heroes stories, the reader peeks behind the closed doors and experiences what it was really like for care staff, residents in care homes, and people needing support in their own homes during lockdown. This book is more than just a nod to social history; it demonstrates how people’s lives are enriched by the role of those working in the care sector through their creativity, dedication and passion, and through their many skills and talents.”

As a run up to the launch, NCF has been sharing sneak previews of some of the stories in the eBook in the NCF Advent Calendar, a daily reflection of the stories during advent.

To bring these stories together, the NCF has been supported by its annual partners- Quality Compliance Systems (QCS), Marr Procurement and Person Centred Software.

Vic Rayner added: “Caring in COVID is now available to download from the NCF website. We are proud to dedicate this eBook to everyone whose life has been touched by care during the pandemic and hope these stories of pain, challenge, hope and humanity will resonate with many, to show how truly exceptional the care sector has been in responding to the challenges of this pandemic.”

Caring in COVID is now available for download here.
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