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CareShield Launches Strategic Division of SaaS and Apprenticeship Delivery Services

CareShield, a provider of innovative solutions for the health and social care sector, has announced a strategic division of its Software as a Service (SaaS) products and apprenticeship delivery services.

Effective immediately, they will now operate as two distinct companies, BroadShield dedicated to SaaS services and CareShield which will continue to offer apprenticeship delivery. 

For SaaS customers (BroadShield), this signifies a reinforced focus on providing streamlined software solutions that address organisational needs with precision and efficiency. By dedicating a specialised company solely to SaaS development and support, BroadShield aims to deliver unparalleled functionality, reliability, and user experience.

For Apprenticeship customers (CareShield), this represents the organisations continuous commitment to delivering comprehensive, high-quality training programmes tailored specifically to the health and social care sector. With a dedicated company focused solely on apprenticeship services, CareShield aims to further enhance the effectiveness and relevance of its training initiatives, empowering care professionals with the skills, knowledge and behaviours needed to excel in their roles.

Emma Perry, CEO at CareShield / BroadShield, said: "We are excited to announce the strategic division of our SaaS and Apprenticeship delivery services. This move is all about enhancing the solutions we offer to better serve our customers. By focusing our resources and expertise in these distinct areas, we are confident that we will continue to exceed our customers' expectations and drive success within Workforce Development." 

CareShield and BroadShield remain committed to excellence and innovation, and this strategic division marks an exciting new chapter in their journey to deliver unparalleled value to their customers. 

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