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Valentine's Day 2020

This year, care homes across the country will be celebrating the 'day of love' with a huge variety of Valentine's Day events and activities. To mark the day in our own way, we've put together a selection of our favourite love stories from residents of some of these homes.

Kay and Ted.

Kay and Ted

Devoted couple Kay and Ted Lawes will be celebrating their 72nd Valentine’s Day together this year, as they gear up to mark their 70th wedding anniversary later this year.

The pair currently reside together at Hazel End home in Bishop’s Stortford, where staff are preparing to spoil them with a romantic ‘date night’ at the home’s top floor Sky Bar.

Kay and Ted were both 24 years old when they met during a chance encounter whilst holidaying separately with their families at Golden Sands holiday camp in Hopton-on-Sea, Great Yarmouth, in the summer of 1948. 

The pair married just two years later in 1950 in Hornsey, North London, and then settled in the town of Harlow. Although Kay and Ted had both previously worked for the forces during the war, Ted went on to found a light engineering company, while Kay was a GPO telephonist and hairdresser. Kay then left work to raise the couple’s three children, Vanessa; Richard and Michael. Kay and Ted now have seven grandchildren and three great grandchildren. 

Kay and Ted on their wedding day in 1950.

Ted commented: “My best moments in life have been with my wonderful wife. I am so proud of her.  We have been through everything together, and watching Kay raise our family has been an absolute pleasure.”

The couple, who were the first residents to move into brand new care home Hazel End in December last year, are making the most of the facilities: enjoying regular films in the cinema and welcoming their friends and family to the vintage tea room.  

Home Manager, Allison Squires, said: “Kay and Ted are such a devoted couple, they are inseparable and are always smiling and laughing.  We are excited to help them celebrate and we are going to make this Valentine’s Day really special for them with it being their platinum wedding anniversary.  Ted has asked that we get some roses for Kay as they are her favourite – they are still very much in love and romance is definitely in the air here at Hazel End!” 

When asked about the secret to a long and happy marriage, Ted said: “Support – that’s what you need. My wife has supported me through everything, we are a team and that is what has kept us going through the years.”

Mike and Maureen.
Mike and Maureen

Mike and Maureen Hannan have some great advice for the younger generation on maintaining a long-lasting and loving relationship, as they celebrate their 55th Valentine’s Day together.
The couple, who met in 1964 at a bus stop on a rainy day, are due to celebrate their 55th Valentine’s Day together at Hambleton Grange care home in Thirsk.
Maureen knew from the moment she met Mike that she had found someone very special. Mike was waiting in the rain to catch a bus to begin his day working as an apprentice Secretary when Maureen happened to pass him on her Vespa scooter and stopped to offer Mike a lift to work. 
Maureen continued to pass the same bus stop each day and began to carry a spare helmet in the hope of seeing Mike again. Sure enough, they were reunited a few weeks later when Mike hitched another lift to work on the back of Maureen’s scooter. Shortly after, the couple went on their first date where they recall driving to Hawnby in a Mini Cooper to have a scenic picnic.
Mike asked Maureen for her hand in marriage during a midnight mass church service on Christmas Eve 1965 and the pair tied the knot in front of their friends and family at Easingwold Registry Office followed by a Church Blessing at Stockton Forest Church.

Maureen remembers the day well, stating: “I had no time for nerves on the day, I was too excited because I was marrying the love of my life.”
Mike added: ‘I couldn’t possibly be nervous on the day I was marrying my best friend.”
The pair are set to celebrate their 55th wedding anniversary this April. 
The couple share four children together and have five grandchildren. They moved to Hambleton Grange in March 2019 and enjoy spending their days joining in with activities, especially art classes and dominos in the evening.
With Valentine’s Day approaching, Maureen and Mike say the most valuable advice they could offer the younger generation would be to find someone who is kind and caring but also willing to take an interest in your hobbies. Maureen shared how she would always find time to join in with Mikes hobbies such as watching football matches in order to spend time with Mike and, likewise, Mike would always will join in with Maureen’s interests too.
Nikki Higgins, Home Manager at Hambleton Grange said, "Maureen and Mike are absolutely fantastic, they love each other very much and enjoy being in each other’s company. I love hearing their stories from times gone by and how they have stuck together through thick and thin. A true inspiration to us all."
Victor and Glennis.

Victor and Glennis

Bristol-born twosome Victor and Glennis Holvey, both 93-years-old, have been married for an incredible 73 years.

The couple, who lived just two doors away from each other as youngsters, officially met at a local dance when they were both 17, and they’ve been inseparable ever since. They now live together at Brunelcare’s ABC Centre in their own self-contained apartment, with help on hand should they need it.

Meeting during the Second World War in 1944, Vic and Glennis admitted that they used to ‘spy’ on one another from their bedroom windows. The couple decided to marry in 1947 at St Anne’s Church, Brislington, Bristol, when Victor was on a home visit from the navy. Shortly after their marriage, Victor was once again deployed into the Navy where he served on and off for five years. After the war, Vic drove buses and coaches for 40 years and Glennis looked after her ever-growing family in St Anne’s. 

Glennis said: “I remember the night we met like it was yesterday. Victor had arranged a fabulous dance at Barton Hill- it was great! We danced all night together and then he walked me home, it turned out he was my neighbour I used to ‘spy’ on out my bedroom window.”

Vic said: “During the war I used to write letters to Glennis, I missed her very much when I was away, we’ve had an amazing life together and I love everything about Glennis. She’s my best friend and it’s an honour to have been married to her for so long. Now, we’ve finally settled down at Brunelcare’s ABC Centre and it’s great, we have help when and if we need it.”

The happy pair have four children, six grandchildren, 11 great grandchildren and one great great grandchild who visit them at the centre almost weekly. 

The love birds will be celebrating Valentine’s Day in style by attending the Extra Care Housing Site’s Valentine’s Day quiz.

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