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Rehabilitation Facility Launched in Care Home

A new facility to rehabilitate people recently discharged from hospital has opened at Oake Meadows care home in Taunton.

The Willows is a 15-bed reablement and physiotherapy wing, within Oake Meadows, which enables ongoing assessment and support for those leaving acute care at Musgrove Park Hospital.

The facility is the result of a partnership between Taunton and Somerset NHS Foundation Trust, Somerset County Council and Larchwood Care and forms part of a package of solutions to support people to become more independent when leaving hospital.

The Willows is one of three approaches being taken to reduce long, unnecessary hospital stays, alongside greater support and therapy at home and short-term reablement. All enable those leaving hospital to receive the support they need to return to independent living.

Lynn Fearn, Managing Director of Larchwood Care, which operates Oake Meadows, said: “We’re delighted to be working closely with the NHS trust and county council to host the Willows at Oake Meadows.

“Leaving hospital and returning home can be a difficult process, particularly when the individual has been away for some time. This facility enables them to gear back up towards independent living in a safe and comfortable environment.”

Oake Meadows forms part of Larchwood Care and is managed by Healthcare Management Solutions.

Kate Smith, who is responsible for therapy services at Musgrove Park Hospital, said: “We are very pleased to be able to offer additional care through the Somerset Home First service for patients who need support to get back to their usual daily routine after leaving hospital.

“By working closely with the excellent trained staff at Oake Meadows care home, our patients will continue to get the care they need with a much-reduced risk of being readmitted to our district general hospital.

“On average, we are seeing that patients who benefit from the Home First service tend to stay five fewer days in hospital than they normally would have.

“And, many of our patients and their families have told us that they were very happy to leave hospital sooner with support from therapists.”

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