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Therapy horse Copper nuzzles up to resident Joyce Burrell (91) at RMBI Care Co. Home Zetland Court.

Residents at RMBI Care Co. Home Zetland Court, in Bournemouth, have recently enjoyed a friendly visit from Copper and Zulu Warrior, two miniature therapy and wellbeing horses. The residents were delighted to meet the affectionate animals, who were happy to be petted and stroked. Amy Tite, co-owner of Crazy Creatures, led the two miniature horses all around the grounds and introduced them to the residents.  

Taking part in this activity, 91-year-old resident Joyce Burrell said: “This is fantastic. It reminds me of when I was young and used to ride into school.” 

Sophie Smith, one of Zetland Court’s Activities Coordinators, said: “It was really lovely to see the residents’ faces light up when the little horses came around and into the garden. They brought joy and calmness to our residents, which is wonderful for their mental health and wellbeing. Also, they were able to get very close and feel the horses’ breath, their manes and forelocks, and this was a particularly joyful experience for residents with visual problems.”

The Home’s Activities Coordinators said they are looking forward to Crazy Creatures’ next visit to Zetland Court, as the organisation owns a wide range of animals including dogs, tortoises, geckos and owls, among others. 



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