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Extra Beds for Elderly Coronavirus Outbreak

Care operator Healthcare Management Solutions (HCMS) is inviting hospitals and local authorities to make use of the spare capacity that exists in some of its homes in order to protect elderly people and to free up much-needed capacity in NHS hospitals.

HCMS Chief Executive Tony Stein said: “In these unprecedented times, it is incumbent upon everyone to do whatever can be done to protect the most vulnerable in our society.

“It seems likely that hospital capacity will be sorely challenged over the coming months and it is essential that the maximum number of acute care beds is available for the treatment of those most in need. 

“Whilst we have spare beds, then we will be happy to offer these to public health authorities, hospitals and local authorities to free up much needed capacity, and to provide a safe and comfortable place for those forced to self-isolate or who may be struggling to remain independent at home.”

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