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Brunelcare’s Glastonbury Care Home has been fortunate enough to have no confirmed cases of Coronavirus at the home since the very start of the outbreak. The Care Home, located in Somerset, followed strict Government guidelines and are thankful for no confirmed cases. 

According to the Office of National Statistics, between the dates of 10 April - 03 July 2020, there were 12,327 Coronavirus related deaths in care homes across England alone. 

Jo Craggo, Glastonbury Care Home Manager, said: “We are so thankful we’ve not had any confirmed cases of Coronavirus at our Glastonbury Care Home. I wanted to thank my whole team for their tremendous efforts. Like the rest of our care homes across Brunelcare, we followed strict Government advice and were lucky to not have to record a single case. A huge thank you to my team and our residents for keeping in such high spirits.” 

Craggo believes there are a number of factors that may have helped contribute to there being not a single case of Covid-19 record at Brunelcare’s Glastonbury Care Home. She said: “It comes down to location of the care home, the strict following of Government advice and my dedicated and passionate employees.” 

Sandra Payne, Director of Nursing and Care Homes, said: “Glastonbury Care Home's team have worked incredibly hard to maintain a safe and Covid free home. They have practiced excellent infection control measures and everyone has been amazing. All of our Brunelcare Homes have gone above and beyond to keep Coronavirus at bay. We have had minimal cases across all of our sites and for that I wanted to say a huge thank you to all our employees and a huge well done to Glastonbury. They have provided extraordinary care for extraordinary people.”

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