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Amherst Court Residents Sky Lift Trip

Staff at Amherst Court care home have been taking reminiscence to a whole new height recently, organising regular trips for residents over the River Thames in a sky lift.

Residents have enjoyed a number of journeys over the River Thames as some have visited, lived or worked in London previously and have been able to see where they used to live or work. Others just love looking at the views of London. Residents and staff are able to point out historical landmarks, buildings and places of interest, sparking conversations about the past experiences and moments in history.

Edna is one of the residents who has recently been on the sky lift, and has really enjoyed it, which has surprised staff and family members as Edna used to have a fear of heights. Staff were aware of this but Edna was keen to do it and nothing was going to stand in the way.

Ashley Haydon, Home Manager, said: “I am so happy with how popular the Sky lift trips have become with residents. We often hold reminiscence sessions at the home, with books, photos and the internet, but we wanted to do more than this and add more value and reality. The Sky lift trips have done just that and residents are seeing exactly where they used to live, work or visit and how London has changed over the years. Books and pictures do not demonstrate this as well as a lift over the River Thames and seeing it for real!”

Ashley’s 18-month-old daughter, Charlotte, has now become a regular sky lift rider with Amherst Court residents and is a wonderful distraction for fellow riders, dispersing any fears of heights instantly.

“My daughter joining the fun has been an added feature as she interacts brilliantly with the residents and is a great distraction should residents need it. Charlotte loves the trips so it’s been great to share this with her and for her to engage and entertain the residents,” Ashley added.

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