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Health and social care experts team up to safeguard EU staff post-Brexit

Health and social care experts team up to safeguard EU staff post-Brexit
Health and social care organisations across the UK have joined forces in a bid to guarantee the status of EU staff.

The Cavendish Coalition, comprising 29 health and social care bodies, will lobby those leading Brexit negotiations to ensure EU citizens working in the sector remain, as Britain withdraws from the EU.

The group also hope to ensure high standards of care during this time, and have already submitted evidence to a cross-party inquiry examining the status of EU nationals living in the UK. 

The coalition also hope to provide government with the expertise, evidence and knowledge required on issues affecting the health and social care sectors.

Danny Mortimer, Chief Executive, NHS Employers, said: “This coalition of health and social care experts will be a shared voice, working together to ensure continuing quality in health and social care post-EU referendum.

“The hard work begins now. First and foremost we need to influence and support the Government in a way which allows it to grant indefinite leave to remain for the 144,000 EU workers in health and social care.

“EU citizens are a hugely valued and appreciated part of the workforce caring for service users and patients and should be treated as such.”

The coalition hopes to secure a strong, diverse workforce in the sector through training and employment opportunities, the promotion of policy which guarantees skills from Europe and around the world and seeking certainty for those EEA members already working in the UK by advocating their rights.

Janet Davies, RCN Chief Executive and General Secretary said: “Our health and social care services have been relying on hardworking and talented EU nurses and others for many years and will continue to do so. The first priority must be to guarantee the futures of these committed EU staff in our health and care services.

“Allowing any ongoing ambiguity over their future is the wrong way of treating people who care for our friends and family every day, and continues to make recruitment and retention even more difficult. 

“In the longer term a comprehensive workforce strategy is needed to tackle the chronic shortage of health workers by investing in training more nurses and other health professionals domestically.

“The coalition gives us an opportunity to address these issues collectively for the long term future of our patients and the populations we serve.”

Care Providers Alliance Chair, Frank Ursell, and Skills for Care CEO, Sharon Allen said: “With around 80,000 jobs filled by workers with EU nationality who make a valued contribution to adult social care in England, employers and their workers are uncertain of the impact of the decision to leave.

“All the adult social care organisations who have signed up to this coalition can use their knowledge to help British Future inform the post-Brexit decision making process to ensure that millions of people in our communities, and their families and carers, can continue to access quality social care and health provision.”

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