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CWC Mental Health Support Programme

The Care Workers’ Charity (CWC) has launched a pivotal Mental Health Support Programme in response to the crisis of mental ill-health faced by the UK’s social care workforce.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a devastating impact on the already fragile mental health of our social care workforce. Care workers are struggling with insomnia, anxiety, depression and PTSD as a direct result of their role and evidence from the Government Select Committee points to a great many more care workers facing ‘total burnout’.

It is crucial that those who are struggling are supported properly. Yet, many care workers are not eligible for bespoke therapy, and those that are, are unable to afford its cost. 

To ensure that no care worker is left without support, The Care Workers’ Charity has launched its Mental Health Support Programme. The Programme will provide up to 10 sessions with a qualified therapist through Red Umbrella, an accredited mental health organisation. The cost of all these sessions will be paid for by The Care Workers’ Charity, and will help care workers’ better cope with the challenges they are facing. 

Karolina Gerlich, Executive Director of The Care Workers’ Charity, said: “Every day, care workers go above and beyond to provide much-needed support- this has been especially true during the pandemic, which has put their mental health under additional strain.

“Our Mental Health Support Programme aims to bridge the shortfall in mental health resources for those working in the social care sector; which we hope will not only improve individual wellbeing and resilience in the short term, but also go a long way towards increasing staff retention rates, reducing workforce shortages, as well as leaves of absence and sickness related to mental ill health.”

This Programme is only possible because of the funding it receives. To help CWC to support care workers in crisis, you can donate to the appeal here.


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