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RMBI Care Co's Oldest Resident

RMBI Care Co.’s oldest resident, Pat Corbin, recently celebrated her 109th birthday.

To mark the special milestone, a tea party was held at Zetland Court home in Bournemouth, where she has lived for three years, for Pat and her fellow residents. She was delighted to receive a birthday card from HM The Queen. 

Like most other care homes, Zetland Court has restricted visitors at present because of the threat of coronavirus to its residents. However, Pat’s family were able to join her on the phone and they also sent her some beautiful flowers.

Pat was born in Jersey in the Channel Islands on 17th March 1911, three years before the first World War had even begun and two days before the first ever International Women’s Day. King George V was on the throne, Herbert Asquith was Prime Minister and RMS Titanic was waiting to be launched.

She was christened Elsie but, as she was born on St Patrick's Day, her father decided to call her Pat.

Pat married her late husband John in the 1940s and together they travelled to South Africa and Canada among other places. Sadly, John passed away in 1970.

Pat Corbin in her army days.

During the Second World War, Pat joined the Auxiliary Territorial Service (ATS), the women’s branch of the British Army and, by the end of the war, she had been made a lieutenant.

After the war ended and the Channel Islands were liberated from German occupation, Pat and her late brother Ron boarded the first boat going across from Plymouth to St Helier. There, they were reunited with their mother and father who they hadn’t seen for six years. Pat’s father had been imprisoned by German soldiers for having a crystal radio hidden at his home.

One of Pat’s joys in life has been her love of travel. She also adores dogs and kept fit for years by walking her beloved Doberman, Tasso.

Pat’s family puts her longevity down to “good genes”, with many of her relatives living into their nineties. She has kept to a healthy lifestyle and has never smoked. But she has enjoyed the occasional glass of her favourite tipple, Guinness.

And the secret to her long life? Pat has told staff: “It’s just one of those things”.

Pat’s milestone age makes her the oldest resident across RMBI Care Co.’s 18 care homes in England and Wales.

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