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Sir Ranulph Fiennes sets off for Antarctica’s Highest Mountain

Published on 29/11/2016

Explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes has set off to climb Mount Vinson, the highest peak in Antarctica, to raise money for Marie Curie.

Over half of British adults believe abuse and neglect common in care homes

Published on 25/11/2016

53% of British adults believe abuse and neglect in care homes is commonplace in care homes according to a survey from Independent Age. The older person’s charity is calling for new measures to understand the scale of the problem.

CQC confronts poorly performing NHS trusts about community mental health care

Published on 16/11/2016

The CQC have written to poorly performing NHS and community mental health providers demanding action following their performance in this year’s survey of community mental healthcare.

NACC celebrate 2016 award winners

Published on 7/10/2016
The National Association of Care Catering (NACC) crowned the winners of the NACC Awards 2016, last night, at its annual gala dinner.

Women’s memory skills could protect them from Alzheimer’s

Published on 6/10/2016
New research has revealed that women’s advanced verbal memory skills, compared to men, could make them more resilient to the damage caused to brain cells in early stages of Alzheimer’s.

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